District Development Fund


To become the dominant Government agency for infrastructure development in rural and related areas in the upliftment of the disadvantaged.


Provide and maintain sustainable rural development infrastructure, resettlement, tillage, transport and other related services so as to uplift the living standards of the disadvantaged. 

Core values








                          Water Division

Rural Water Supplies


  • Provide potable water to the rural people within walking distance through the regular drilling and sinking of community sited and owned boreholes and wells respectively and their maintenance thereof and,
  • Construct strategically sited small and medium sized dams for the purposes of harnessing both irrigation and livestock water and where possible treat for domestic human consumption.

Rural Roads


  • Construct and maintain technically complete rural feeder roads with a view to improving rural communication linkages and to provide access to various vital service centres based on people’s priorities as decided in their institutionalized local Government structures.

Land Development and Tillage

Construction and Maintenance


  • Construct and maintain buildings and houses for rural community, DDF staff and other government departments to the standards specified by the Ministry of Local Government, Public Works and National Housing;
  • Respond to requests for emergency repairs to the buildings and houses within a day of receipt of the request;
  • Construct and maintain buildings and houses, clinics, schools, dip tanks for rural communities;


  • Provide a free tillage service to a maximum of 2 hectares to those without means as may be determined by the Trustee of the Fund;
  • Monitor the provision of an efficient and quality service through the DDF’s tillage unit;
  • Hire out the Fund’s tillage tractors and till for needy communal, resettlement and commercial farmers.