State Enterprises Reform, Corporate Governance And Procurement Department

General functions

  • Establish and operationalise an integrated State Enterprises Reform and Corporate Governance Unit in the Office of the President and Cabinet;
  • Coordinate the implementation by line Ministries, Departments and Government Departments of public enterprises reforms;
  • Monitor and facilitate compliance by Ministries and Public Enterprises with good Corporate Governance, Public Procurement and Asset Disposal procedures.  

Specific functions

State Enterprises Reform

  • Coordinate implementation of by line Ministries of the approved State Enterprises and Parastatals (SEP) reforms;
  • Advise line Ministries on reform processes and procedures;
  • Monitor the performance of SEPs in line with their Performance Monitoring Framework;
  • Oversee compliance by line Ministries with Work Plans and Timetables for the commercialization, privatization and restructuring of SEPS;
  • Undertake independent due diligence on potential strategic partners for the SEPs;
  • Work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development, in particular, the Office of the Accountant General with regards to:
  • Effective monitoring of financial, operational performance of all SEPs;
  • Effective follow-up on observations raised in the Auditor General’s Annual Reports;
  • Effective oversight of Cabinet agreed turn-around strategies for SEPs;
  • Effective oversight of Cabinet agreed rationalization measures for the SEP sector.