Overall Functions

The Department is responsible for implementation, monitoring and evaluation of Government programmes and projects, including the 100 Day Cycle programme. Accordingly, the line Ministries will be required to furnish the Department with periodic progress reports on programmes and projects implementation in prescribed formats, including the Executive Electronic Dashboard (EED). In turn, the Department shall report implementation progress and make recommendations to the Chief Secretary, the President and Cabinet.

Specific functions of the Department divided under two divisions are as follows:

A.     Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Supervise the implementation of policies, programmes and projects by various Ministries, Departments and Agencies;
  • Participate in preparing the developmental plans and programmes associated with the national development targets, informed by IRBM;
  • Adopt, apply and continuously develop effective concepts, policies and procedures of monitoring and evaluating developmental plans, programmes and projects; as well as provide oversight in the implementation thereof by Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies;
  • Undertake monitoring and evaluation activities to ensure timely implementation of national development programmes and projects as well as efficacy in service delivery to the citizenry by Government Ministries, Department and Agencies;
  • Carry out evaluation studies of the plans, programmes and projects for evidence decision making to facilitate changes and improvements during the implementation of these policies, programmes and projects by the public and private sectors;  
  • Provide oversight in the development of monitoring and evaluation results framework which will translate the priorities of national policies into work plans and execute programmes within a clear timeframe in cooperation with the Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies;
  • Prepare performance reports for policies, programmes and projects;
  • Monitor implementation and review of programmes and projects by International Development Partners including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Manage the electronic performance monitoring and evaluation system at the national level.

B.     Monitoring Implementation of the 100 Day Cycle   Programme

  • Collect, collate, verify and analyse implementation of 100 Day Cycle Projects to achieve specified targets;
  • Track and closely monitor progress of the implementation of 100 Day Cycle Projects;
  • Report to Cabinet and the President on implementation status of 100 Day Cycle Projects;
  • Monitor and verify data inputted in the Executive Electronic Dashboard (EED);
  • Monitor the functioning of the EED;
  • Research and advise on the implementation of 100 Day Cycle Projects;
  • Conduct site visits to validate as well as eliminate inconsistencies in reporting by Ministries;
  • Conduct stakeholder consultations on strategies to improve monitoring and evaluation of 100 Day Cycle programmes and projects;
  • Compile and submit reports on 100 Day Cycle Projects.