Overall Functions

  • Research, adopt and institutionalize best practices in the implementation of public sector reforms taking into account Zimbabwe’s New Policy thrust and development context;
  • Develop, coordinate and supervise the implementation of public sector reforms and modernization of systems throughout the public sector;
  • Coordinate and supervise the design and implementation of instruments that enhance service delivery throughout the public sector;
  • Implement the Integrated Results Based Management system as a public sector reform;
  • Promote public awareness and knowledge of public sector reforms among various stakeholders;
  • In conjunction with the e-Government Technology Unit, promote the use of modern management tools and technology in the delivery of public services for the convenience of citizens;
  • Coordinate and supervise the implementation of the Doing Business reforms across the economy;
  • Constitute institutional and process strategies to implement the Doing Business reforms; and
  • Act as Secretariat to High Level IRBM meetings.