• Develop the schedule of Cabinet business based on the set national priorities and previous Cabinet resolutions;
  • Initiate and participate in key public policy formulation meetings;
  • Ensure an adequate degree of background inter-ministerial consultations on proposals for Cabinet consideration;
  • Provide an independent perspective on Ministerial policy proposals;
  • Provide the requisite administrative services relating to the discharge by the Head of State of certain constitutional appointments and obligations;
  • Control the quality and content of memoranda destined for consideration by Cabinet and Cabinet Committees by reviewing of all materials in advance;
  • Prepare agenda for issues to be discussed by Cabinet and Cabinet Committees;
  • Taking minutes, maintaining records of Cabinet discussions and disseminating Cabinet decisions for implementation by Ministries;
  • Drafting weekly Press Releases on Cabinet Resolutions;
  • Keeping a register of legislation and superintending the legislative process right up to the assent and publication of laws;
  • Drafting speeches and press statements for the Office of the President and Cabinet under the direction of the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet;
  • Arranging induction sessions for newly appointed Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Heads of Ministries; and
  • Running Training Programmes for Ministries on the writing of Cabinet Memorandum and on Procedures upon request.