The Chief Secretary naturally operates within the context of both the centrality and the multifaceted and complex roles of the Office of the President and Cabinet. 


  • Supervision and co-ordination of all aspects of the functions of the Office of the President, Vice Presidents and Cabinet including Cabinet Committee business;
  • Supervision, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of Government policies, decisions and programmes and coordination of review of policies and programmes;
  • Communication to the relevant parties of certain decisions and directives of the Head of State and Government;
  • Transmission to the Head of State and Government of the proposals and recommendations of various commissions and other bodies with mandates deriving from certain statutes or from the Constitution itself;
  • Liaison with Heads of Ministries, both individually and collectively in pursuit of excellence of service towards achieving coherence, efficiency and effectiveness in the administration and management of the work of Government and the improvement of the environment in which such work is carried out;
  • Participation in the work of various agencies, panels and committees, both domestic and international; and
  • Liaison, with a view to problem solving, with individuals and institutions of civil society.