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President rallies Africa to promote agric trade

African leaders must develop mechanisms for promoting effective intra-Africa trade in agricultural products and food to improve markets for farmers and boost the countries’ economies, President Mnangagwa said yesterday while opening the 31st FAO Regional Conference for Africa Ministerial Session in Harare.


President salutes Africa

PRESIDENT Mnangagwa yesterday saluted SADC, the African Union and the world at large for standing by Zimbabwe in calling for the unconditional removal of the Western imposed illegal economic sanctions during the Anti-Sanctions Day.


President rallies media in Vision 2030 attainment

Zimbabwean media, irrespective of ownership, should put national interests at the top of its reporting, champion nation building and promote development to help the country achieve Vision 2030, President Mnangagwa said at the Great Zimbabwe University’s 14th graduation ceremony last Friday.


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