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We’ll triumph – says President Mnangagwa

EVOKING the spirit of the country’s gallant heroes and heroines, President Mnangagwa yesterday rallied Zimbabweans to put their shoulder to the wheel in the building of a modern and prosperous society, saying regardless of hurdles in the way, Zimbabwe will triumph. In his address at the National Heroes Acre to mark the 41st celebration of the country’s heroes and heroines, the President said the future for Zimbabwe is brighter as the Second Republic has laid the requisite framework to achieve the country’s vision to become an upper middle-class economy by 2030.


President appoints new ZNA chief

The new Commander of the Zimbabwe National Army is Lieutenant General David Sigauke with President Mnangagwa promoting him from major general and appointing him to the army command with effect from July 30.Lt Gen Sigauke replaces the late Lt Gen Edzai Chimonyo who died last month. As part of the reassignments within the top ranks of the army, Brigadier General Emmanuel Matatu was promoted by the President to Major General .


President’s book sells 50k copies on launch

MORE than 50 000 copies of President Mnangagwa biography, that details the liberation struggle, his sacrifice, betrayal by fellow comrades, hopes and aspirations, were snapped up yesterday as Zimbabweans sought to get insight into the life of one of their liberators. Titled, “A Life of Sacrifice – A Biography of Emmerson Mnangagwa”, the book that was written by former Bulawayo South legislator, Mr Eddie Cross and published by Jarach Media who were represented by Mrs Rachel Jambaya, offers some heart-wrenching excerpts of betrayal that the President suffered from his own.


President makes key appointments

President Mnangagwa has appointed Justice Mary Zimba-Dube as the new Judge President, while Mrs Fortune Chimbaru becomes the new Deputy Attorney-General.


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