Zimbabwe's Participation at Expo 2020 Dubai - How is the Exhibition Planned?


How is the Exhibition Planned?

There are so many priorities which will drive Zimbabwe’s participation and the following key examples include:

  • to promote and strengthen Brand Zimbabwe;
  • to clearly communicate opportunities, abound in the country; and
  • to showcase how various sectors are creating opportunities for a sustainable future.

Thus, in line with the thrust on Opportunity, the exhibition focuses on Zimbabwe as an undiscovered Jewel of Africa, resting on four main aspects-: “Our Heritage, Our Land, Our People, and Our Future”

  • Our uniquely beautiful country with a rich diverse cultural heritage
  • Our rich fertile lands abound with mountains, rivers, unusual rock formations and home to the big five, which roam in their natural environment
  • Our resilient and creative people with a work culture which will lead to growth and prosperity
  • Our hope for a better and more prosperous future with empowered people, driven by a unity of purpose which will build a strong country “Vision 2030”

The pavilion will be complemented by a Retail Store selling Zimbabwe’s Top Brands, and Kiosk at the World Market Place section. In addition, this set of onsite exhibitions will be complimented by, well connected, comprehensive and robust digital platforms, including, Portals and Social media to engage with a wider online audience.