Zimbabwe's Participation at Expo 2020 Dubai - Zimbabwe in the Opportunity Thematic District - The Meaning and Thrust


Zimbabwe in the Opportunity Thematic District - The Meaning and Thrust

In this cluster, Zimbabwe will highlight, how the country is the awakening giant, open for business and a land of vast opportunities. Opportunity is at the heart of development, ensuring that new horizons are opened up to individuals and communities to help them meet their current needs and their future aspirations. Opportunity is said to ponder on some of the following questions:

  • Will there be classrooms in 2050?
  • Would you apply for a job as a data curator?
  • What will money look like in the future?
  • Will Government policies in the future be driven by public opinion gathered online?

In this regard the main anchors of the opportunity sub-theme are:

  1. Education – Inspiring, training and helping people and communities to reach their potential;
  2. Employment – creating new jobs and enabling people to adapt to new requirements in the workplace and changing economic environments;
  3. New Industries – Diversifying economies and developing innovative and creative industries and sectors;
  4. Financial Capital – Creating new financial models, providing access to finance and achieving greater financial inclusion and efficiency;
  5. Governance – Creating environments and ecosystems that are conducive to and promote innovation and opportunity.