President Mnangagwa's 2020 End of Year Address to the Nation

President Emmerson Mnangagwa's 2020 End of the Year Address to the Nation.

How to Participate at Expo 2020 Dubai - Join Team Zimbabwe - Corporations and Large Organisations


2. Corporations and Large Organisations
Expo 2020 Dubai is a once in lifetime opportunity to showcase, with a potential to drastically change the fortunes of many progressive Companies.

i. Amazing Statistics

a. First World Expo in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region
b. 173 Days of Exhibition - Deemed A life time of Stories
c. 25 Million Visits
d. 15 Million Visitors
e. Open 7 Days a Week
f. Over 15 Hours a Day
g. 192 Country Pavilions
h. All African Countries will be represented
i. World’s Focus will be in the UAE for the Whole Six Months
j. Investment conferences and workshops
k. B2Bs
l. PPPs engagement sessions
m. New Business Leads

ii. Exhibition - Dubai Exhibition Centre
Exhibition Space is at 15 AED (USD$4.10) per SQM per day for build / tear down dates, and 30 AED (USD $8.20) per SQM per day for live days. It is not possible to request spaces for singular entities, and therefore, Corporates will be required to form Groups, either through their Business Member organisations or otherwise and take up at least 150m2 for periods of at least a week.

iii. Conferences – Dubai Exhibition Centre
Corporates are invited to take their conventions and other events to Expo 2020 Dubai. Daily Delegate Rates start at 230AED (USD $63) per person, including coffee break, buffet lunch, and a complimentary ticket to Expo 2020 for each delegate.

iv. Sponsorship Marketing
Opportunities stem from all events and content that will be show cased at Expo 2020 Dubai
• Adverts and Sponsored Articles in All sector Brochures and other Printed Materials that will be distributed at Expo 2020 Dubai
• Featured Adverts, Logos and more in all digital content, i.e. Videos that will be showcased at Expo 2020 Dubai
• Logos, articles and adverts on the Zim2020 Website and Social Media Platforms
• Branding/Logos on Team Zimbabwe Uniforms
Themed Events, at the Pavilion and Free Venues across the Expo Site (opportunity Thematic District)
• Sponsorship of small videos show casing opportunities in key sectors of the economy.

v. Events - Free Venues
Expo 2020 will provide fully fitted performance Venues for Participating countries to showcase themselves, through art dance, music, conference and more. There are two types of venues, 5 with pre-set technical equipment and 11 informal public spaces.

vi. Top Brands – Retail Products – Deadline is 30 November 2019
Zimbabwe will have two spaces to sell goods at Expo 2020 Dubai. One will be just in front of Zimbabwe Pavilion and the other one at the World Market Centre. Corporations are required to submit Expressions of Interest for Supplying the Goods that will be sold in these stores. The Expression of Interest should include, Company Name, List of Products with Prices and Images, Place of Origin, and Ingredients if Applicable.

vii. B2Bs and Strategic Industry Focus
The business Sector should produce concept papers for onward submission to Expo 2020 Bureau team for twinning, partnerships and B2Bs.