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The OPC in Detail

MOHCC Updates

The Functions of the OPC include the following among many others

  • Facilitating the appointment of Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Commissioners, Ambassadors, Judges, Permanent Secretaries and State Corporation Boards;
  • Coordinating activities of Cabinet, Cabinet Committees and their Working Parties as well as establish and administer Commissions of Inquiry.
  • Providing overall policy direction and guidance to all Ministries and Departments, parastatals and state enterprises and non-state actors.
  • Coordinate all Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies to ensure role clarity.
  •  Communicating Governance policies and programs to the public.
  • Travel clearance for Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and other Public Servants.
  • Modernizing public sector operations to enhance efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of services.
  • Ensuring that all State Ceremonies/Occasions and Functions are conducted with dignity and propriety befitting the Sovereign State of Zimbabwe.
  • Managing Presidential programmes
  • Ensuring that State facilities and infrastructure are developed and maintained to highest standards.

The Presidency

In the OPC, is the President of the Republic of Zimbabwe who is deputized by two Vice Presidents. The President is the Head of State and Government and chairs weekly Cabinet meetings, which direct the operations of Government among other things.

Administratively, the Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet is the most senior official in the OPC and is deputised by three Deputy Chief Secretaries responsible for the core departments of the Office of the President and Cabinet. The Deputy Chief Secretaries are supported by staff members who carry out the advisory, administrative and secretariat services, to ensure that the OPC plays its coordinative and oversight role.

Our Core Values

Loyalty , Patriotism, Commitment, Integrity, Humility, People and Results Oriented

Administrative Leadership

Dr Sibanda

Dr. M.J.M. Sibanda
Chief Secretary to the President and Cabinet
Head of Civil Service

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