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Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, Former President of Zambia, congratulates our President Cde, E.D. Mnangagwa


H.E. Cde. E.D. Mnangagwa and H.E. Amai A. Mnangagwa 

The Commander in Chief

Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa Inspects the Guard of Honour

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The President at the National Sports Stadium

Office of the President and Cabinet (O.P.C)

The Office of the President and Cabinet (O.P.C) is the lead Office in the Government of Zimbabwe. It comprises The President, His Excellency Cde Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa, Honourable Vice Presidents, Cabinet and Ministers of State. The Office exists to service the President in leading the State and Government and executing his constitutional responsibilities and duties, as articulated in Section 89 and 90 of the Constitution.

Introduction by the HE


The OPC is mandated to provide strategic policy direction, coordination, monitoring, advisory oversight, planning and realization of efficient service delivery of government ministries and departments.


A results-oriented public sector with a culture of quality service delivery to the citizenry by 2020


To lead the government machinery in the formulation, advocacy, coordination, and monitoring and evaluation of policies, programmes and projects for quality service delivery and socio-economic development

President Mnangagwa addresses the Nation - Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day

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President Mnangagwa addresses the Nation during the Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day at State House

President salutes national hero Shiri



I learnt with utter shock and a deep sense of grief of the death early this morning of Air Chief Marshal Perrance Shiri (Rtd), our Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Water and Rural Resettlement, after a short illness.

A stalwart of our war of National Liberation, Cde Shiri ranked high among our leading Zanla Field Commanders whose contribution to the National Liberation Struggle was simply valiant and outstanding.

His commitment to the liberation of this country and his people amply showed when he, alongside our Vice President, General C.G.D.N Chiwenga, abandoned his studies at Mount Saint Mary’s Mission School in Wedza in 1973, and defied all odds to join the Liberation Struggle at a very tender age.

Once fully-trained and battle-hardened, the late Cde Shiri rose through the ranks to become the overall commander of Tete Province, one of the hottest fronts in the war.

 Under his command, several spectacular missions against the enemy were carried out, among them the 1978 blasting of oil tanks in the then Salisbury, itself the heart and citadel of the settler power.

Indeed that military action, which was undertaken by a specialised ZANLA Unit which he mentored, reverberated well beyond the immediate theatre of war, and proved a turning point in the Struggle for National Liberation.

After the Struggle, he would continue serving his country in the military, including playing a salutary role in the Integration Process by which erstwhile warring armies were re-oriented and re-moulded into a cohesive National Army.

Later, he would be redeployed to the Air Force of Zimbabwe, becoming our second indigenous Air Force of Zimbabwe Commander after the late Cde Josiah Tungamirai.

While he discharged his onerous command duties, he still found time to further his education, in the process acquiring several professional qualifications and two Masters Degrees in the field of Business and Development. Always focused, hardworking and hands-on, the late Minister Shiri was key to revamping our food sector by ensuring our farmers were fully mobilised, motivated and supported to mechanise, modernise and climate-proof our agriculture for sustainable national food security.

Barely a month ago, we launched and agricultural equipment initiative he concluded with an American company, John Deere.

Except for his untimely demise, we would have launched yet another of his many initiatives on mechanisation, this time with the Republic of Belarus.

It was also during his short-lived ministerial tenure that he reached out to, and opened negotiations with, white former commercial farmers with a view to breaking the impasse over the age-old National Land Question.

Only this morning, we signed an historic agreement with the former farmers, itself a crowning moment for his tireless efforts. Sadly as fate would have it, he would not live to witness this historic moment!

We miss him sorely.

 On behalf of the Party, Zanu PF, Government, the Zimbabwe Defence Forces of which he was a long-standing member, my family and my own behalf, I wish to express my heartfelt condolences to the entire Shiri family, especially his children, who now stand orphaned.

As they go through the painful motion of deep grief, I urge them to find comfort and solace in the distinguished role and career of continuous service, which their father gave to this country. He remains our hero together, making his demise a blow we all keenly feel and share.

May his dear soul rest in eternal peace.