• Plan, co-ordinate and administer all Ceremonies/State Occasions involving His Excellency the President as well as Presidential itineraries and programmes;
  • Plan, co-ordinate and manage all VIP visits to Zimbabwe;
  • Ensure that all State Occasions are conducted with the necessary dignity and political propriety;
  • Make required follow-ups and reminders to relevant organs and functionaries concerning Directives of His Excellency the President and/or Cabinet decisions as well as the decisions of Cabinet Committee on State Occasions (CCSO) and the Working Party of CCSO to do with given State Events; 
  • Responsible for organizing all State Functions subject to the necessary consultations including such matters as compilation of Guest Lists, preparation of Venues and Menus for State Banquets, Receptions, Luncheons etc;
  • Advise Ministries, Parastatals, Party, Private Sector and the Public regarding appropriate arrangements for any function involving His Excellency the President or the State;
  • Responsible for the production and updating of the Confidential Government Telephone Directory; and
  • Advise on the purchasing and distribution of Presidential gifts.