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Take up science subjects: President

President Mnangagwa has urged students to take science subjects and emerging new fields of study as Government escalates the drive to modernise the economy in line with the fast changing world.

Speaking during the commissioning of


From land-locked to land-linked economy

This week I share my thoughts on changing Zimbabwe from being a land-locked country into a land-linked economy.

This subject, among other things, addresses country and regional infrastructural assets and investments, principally in the transport and communications sub-sector.


President puts his stamp on new Parly

President Mnangagwa yesterday officially launched the construction of the new 650-seater Parliament Building in Mt Hampden, nearly 20 kilometres outside Harare, that is expected to be completed by mid-2021 at the latest.


No going back on austerity measures: ED

President Mnangagwa says Zimbabwe will undergo a “painful” reform process to achieve transformation and modernisation of the economy. Government is already implementing austerity measures and in an article published in the influential British publication, the Financial Times yesterday, President Mnangagwa said Zimbabwe would not back down from taking tough decisions.


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